8 Habits that Increase Blood Pressure




Arterial hypertension is an extremely common disease that occurs when blood pressure against artery walls is high enough to cause health problems such as heart, kidney, and brain disease in the long run. In up to 95% of patients with high blood pressure, the cause of the disease cannot be found. This type of high blood pressure is called essential hypertension or primary hypertension. Although the basic causes of essential hypertension are still unknown, we already know some of the most important risk factors. Positive family history, age over 50, and black ethnicity are important risk factors, but they cannot be changed. Hypertensive patients, therefore, must be aware of the risk factors that can be avoided. Below, we list the main ones. If you are looking for general information about arterial hypertension. Having high blood pressure means that your blood pressure is slightly higher than normal. This is likely to develop into high blood pressure (hypertension) unless you start making lifestyle changes, such as exercising more and eating healthier foods. Elevated blood pressure and high blood pressure increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart failure. Weight loss, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle changes can often control high blood pressure and lay the foundation for a healthier life. High blood pressure does not cause symptoms. The only way to detect it is to keep a record of your blood pressure readings. Have your blood pressure checked every time you visit the doctor or check it at home with a home blood pressure meter.
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