This is how you can prevent colds and flu


Nobody likes to be sick. Whether we catch a cold or the flu depends on many factors. Psychological stress, lack of sleep, and lack of physical activity make us more susceptible to acute respiratory diseases. All of these factors influence our immune system, which is responsible for the defense against pathogens. So what can we do to protect ourselves from the common cold or the flu?
A strong immune system can usually deal with some cold or flu viruses without causing any discomfort. Mild cold symptoms are a sign of immune system activity. Sometimes, especially when the immune system is weakened, it is not possible to fight the pathogens early on. Then the viruses can penetrate the mucous membrane cells and spread. The inflammatory reaction in the airways then triggers the characteristic cold or flu symptoms.
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Colds and the flu (influenza) are transmitted through tiny droplets that contain viruses. Sick people spray the contagious droplets when coughing or sneezing. The viruses can survive on clothing, handkerchiefs, and objects for a few hours. If a healthy person comes into contact with the contagious material and then puts his hand to his mouth, nose, or eyes, the viruses enter the body via the mucous membranes. This is how the person can become infected.
However, the risk of infection can be reduced through simple hygienic rules of conduct:
1.  Hand hygiene
2.Cough label
3. keep a distance
4. Fresh air

1. Handwashing   

Washing hands with normal soap are sufficient in everyday life. Make sure that the whole hand is thoroughly rubbed with soap. When lathering, think about the palms of the hands, the back of the hands, and the spaces between the fingers. Don’t forget your fingertips and the spaces under your fingernails.
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A strong immune system is like a protective shield against external pathogens. It ensures that cold and flu viruses cannot spread unhindered in the airways and lungs. If the immune system is working well, a cold or flu that has occurred is usually over within a few days. there are measures in everyday life that strengthen our immune system. Studies have not conclusively proven whether this actually reduces the incidence of acute respiratory diseases.
2. Strengthening the immune system:

It depends if it is Cold or flu?
That is the difference. The flu and the common cold can cause similar symptoms. However, they are caused by different viruses. Find out how the symptoms differ and which features indicate flu.
1. Get enough sleep
2.Avoid constant stress
3. Physical activity
4. Healthy eating
5. Do not smoke
6. Sauna and alternating showers

3. Nutritional Supplements

Pharmacies and drugstores offer numerous dietary supplements to strengthen the immune system. But the usefulness of such means has not been clearly proven.
1. Probiotics
2.  Vitamin preparations
3. zinc
4. Herbal remedies
5. Homeopathic remedies

4. Vaccination can protect

You cannot get vaccinated against colds. However, there are vaccinations against influenza and pneumonia caused by pneumococci. The vaccinations are particularly recommended for groups at risk and are paid for by the health insurance companies.